Lucky Number Seven

By age seven, most kids have their adult molars and an established bite, which makes it the best age for an evaluation.

If they have not had an orthodontic examination by the time they are seven, we highly recommend they be brought in as soon as possible.

Thankfully most children do not need treatment at age seven, but if they do, early treatment can prevent future problems by:

  • Creating room for adult teeth to grow in. Just like the rest of their body, a child’s jaw and face grow very fast. We can monitor and guide jaw growth to prevent crowding as adult teeth emerge.
  • Guiding jaw growth for the best facial symmetry. Jaw growth not only affects the potential crowding of adult teeth, it also affects the overall shape of the face. We can help guide that growth for the most beautiful smile and face.
  • Reducing the chances of future tooth removal. When adult teeth come in crowded, the chances for tooth extraction greatly increase. The best way to prevent this is to begin early check-ups as adult teeth emerge, so any irregularities are caught at their onset.
  • Helping children to be aware of their dental health to ensure a lifetime of good habits. It’s a sign of parenthood when you repeatedly tell your child to “brush your teeth”. Bringing your young ones to early examinations helps reinforce the value of taking care of their teeth from the earliest age. Even if you have to bug them to brush, it’s good to have evidence to back you up.

Early Examinations

Early examinations are not only about being preventive – they are about being proactive.

Taking proper precautions during childhood and adolescence greatly reduces and often eliminates any need for future surgery, giving your child the optimal chance for a great smile well into adulthood.

When it comes to your child’s oral health, it’s never too early to get started. Contact us today to book a free consultation.